Migrants, Asylum Seekers & Refugees Services

I once walked in the same shoes as most refugees, asylees and immigrants without knowing how to navigate the system. Despite my accomplishments, I still feel as though there is so much information that I do not know that I can still learn and grow. While most immigrants and refugees are excited to start a new life in the United States, navigating the system and knowing how to take advantage of the resources provided can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when facing a language barrier. Glow Care Support will tackle the mental health wellbeing of individuals through an empowering approach. Glow Care Support will walk alongside refugees and immigrants to navigate through the system and knowing how to utilize the resources themselves, and most importantly, accomplish the American Dream:

Any resettlement agencies with grant fundings, non-governmental agencies, charities such as churches and other religious entities, and private agencies that might wish to refer clients or would be responsible to pay for the services are encouraged to contact me directly to discuss rate fees and explore the possibility of contracting with me for a reliable service to your clients.